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  • Overload Oil Pump Series

    When the punch is used in practice, the pressure switch on the over-load oil pump of the punch is turned on (ON), which makes the punch in a working state.

    Electric Cabinet

    The electronic control box is one or more low-voltage switchgear and related control, measurement and adjustment equipment.

  • Clamp series

    The TY clamp operates on the principle of lever and holds the edge of the die without U "groove, so it has a wide range of application.

    Mould Lifter Series

    DL hydraulic lifter, lifting die by hydraulic way, with strong lifting ability, suitable for the use of punch die

  • Vertical lock

    It consists of hydraulic transmission system, electrical control system, lubrication system, heating and cooling system, etc.

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Is a professional manufacturer and sales of hydraulic rapid die changer equipment, mainly used for rapid die replacement of punch, injection molding machine, die casting machine, hydraulic press and other equipment....

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